Local Home Depot Helping Disabled Veteran With Bathroom Renovation

AMARILLO, Texas - “More saving, More Doing…that's the power of the Home Depot.” This week they put that slogan and their power tools to work to improve a Veteran's way of life.

Staff Sergeant Blane Barnes went from walking to a wheelchair in a matter of years.

While he and his wife had to adjust to the change, his home had not.

From the outside to the inside, the folks with the Home Depot Foundation and the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation teamed up to give the Veteran's home a much-needed transformation. 

"The main mission for the Home Depot Foundation is to make sure every Veteran in this country has a safe place to live," said Store Manager Josh Weeks. 

Before this week, Staff Sergeant Blane Barnes didn't. 

After a training exercise injury in the late 70s, his back has never been the same. 

"It was misdiagnosed at the time as being a low lumbar strain, and years and years later we found out that what actually happened was I herniated my L5-S1 disc, and broke the vertebrae in the same area," said Staff Sergeant Barnes.

He went from walking to a wheelchair in a matter of years, living in a home that's not wheelchair accessible. 

This life-altering adjustment was tough on him and his wife. 

"We only had a 27-inch door that went into our bathroom, and we had to have at least a 32 for him to get even the walker through. Which meant I had to help him everytime he needed to go in there," said his wife, Kathy.

Now that burden is lifted off her shoulders thanks to these guys.

"It's put a lot of strain on his wife to have to help him in and out of the shower and the bath every day, and so to be able to come out and help him and make it accessible to him, not only helps him but helps her too," said Store Manager, Kimber York. "So it improves the quality of life for both of them."

The team started on Wednesday with the bathroom demolition. 

Today they worked on the finishing touches so the couple can start using their newly remolded restroom.

We are told since 2011, the Home Depot Foundation has transformed more than 37,000 homes and facilities for Veterans across the country.

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