Local Family Stationed at Fort Hood Talks About Shooting

FORT HOOD -- Shanowah Taylor's husband is stationed at Fort Hood. 

She and their family were shocked when the alert of an active-shooter on base was first issued.  

The Taylor family lives in post housing, a tight knit community.

Mrs. Taylor says her husband had just gotten home when the alarm sounded. He was then sent back out to the scene.

The entire base was on lockdown. Including post housing. Mrs. Taylor says while on lockdown, no one was allowed to leave the base.

Those few who were allowed on had their vehicles rigorously searched.

Mrs. Taylor says they have monthly drills on base for this kind of incident.

Mrs. Taylor says the lockdown was lifted late last night about 9:30.

During that time, the base was inundated with phone calls from friends and family of the service men and women stationed there.

Taylor says the phone service during the time was spotty and some calls were dropped or could not connect.

Taylor's husband has been stationed at Fort Hood since 2012.

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