An Amarillo girl is getting the chance to live a lifelong dream.

She's waited almost 12 years to suit up and play ball.
This weekend, she'll get her chance.

1 out of every 1.4 million babies are born with a rare condition called Heterotaxia Syndrome. 

Karley Williams is one of them.

She was born with two right sides of organs.

Karely's mom Tawna Williams says, "so inside she had 8 heart defects, her lungs are bilobed, all of her intestines are on one side.  Her liver is attached to her spleen and in the middle so we have a lot of organ displacement." 

Tawna tells us she was born with multiple spleens and none of them work, and she has no immune system.

With all of these health issues, some people would struggle to stay strong, but not Karley.

Tawna says, "she's happy.  Whether she's sick or not she's always got this great positive attitude about how things are.  She has no idea that she's different."

She tells us Karley has had a lifelong dream of playing softball.

She's been around softball her entire life and has been waiting for her chance to take the mound.

Well this weekend, she'll get that chance.

Karley tells us, "umm, I play softball." 

It's all thanks to Top of Texas, Rage Fast Pitch, and Fusion Fast Pitch Softball.

We asked Karley how far she's going to hit the ball.

"Out of the park."

Karley tells us she can't wait to be around a bunch of kids and like she said, hit the ball out of the park.

Tawna says, "everybody that she's touched she changes lives because you don't realize how much you take for granted.  You really don't."

And Karley can't wait to play with her team, Fusion.

"Go Fusion."

Karley's had 27 surgeries and was expected to live just six months.

She'll be 12 next month.

Tawna describes her daughter as a walking, talking miracle.

Karley's big game will be at at Agnes Howe Park in Borger on Saturday, April 19 at 4:30 p.m.

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