Little Blessings

- AMARILLO --  A 44-year-old woman wakes up to find herself nine months pregnant. This is the story that made Leah and Roger Thorn believe in miracles.

The Thorn's have been married for 26 years. But they were told from day one, it would always be a family of two.  They could have played the odds and paid the cash to try and make it happen, but there were no guarantees.  It seemed as though Leah's dream of becoming a mom was over before it ever started.  Leah and Roger were newly married, and the bank account made the gamble an easy play -- they wouldn't go all in on science.

Instead, Leah said they agreed to put their faith first.

"Our philosophy was that if God wanted us to have a child, He would provide us one," she said. 

Life was good to the Thorns.  They committed the next two decades to other people's children.  They poured their love into their church's youth group and eventually took full-time jobs working in childcare.  Happiness was found in the faces of the kids they helped, but Leah couldn't help but ask, "Why not me, God."

Tears aren't normally far behind when Leah starts to think about all those unanswered prayers but they're normally just a prelude to a rising smile.  That's because after all those years and tears, she has baby Grace.

"She is doing amazing," says Leah while holding on to her little miracle.  "She's alert and happy, and you couldn't ask for a better baby.  She's so loved."

How in the world do you wake up one morning to find yourself nine months pregnant?  The short answer, according to Leah, goes back to when she and Roger got married.

"When you're told you'll never get pregnant without help, it never crosses your mind," she said.

Explaining away the pains and body changes that come along with a typical pregnancy has everything to do with a new lifestyle.  Roger and Leah made the commitment to get healthy and lose weight.

"In January we entered a Biggest Loser contest," Roger says that's when the decided to make a life change.  No more junk food. It was going to be workouts and healthy dinner table encounters.

And running -- lots of running filled their workouts.  When Leah wasn't running a 5K, she was doing water aerobics.  The pain and body changes were chalked up as the bi-product of hitting the gym.  Another bi-product was blamed for the small knot forming in her stomach.

"I just thought it was gas," she said.

It wasn't gas, it was Grace. 

"I lost 60 pounds and went down four pant sizes," she said. That's part of Leah's defense, and it's a good one.

Everything changed on August 18, 2013.  Leah woke up a week after running her last 5K and felt indescribable pain.  Sleep slipped away during the night, replaced with what she thought was kidney or bladder pain.

Once they got to Urgent Care in Amarillo the demeanor of the doctor put things into perspective.  Leah was told what she was experiencing was potentially life-threatening, but it turned out to be life giving. 

Leah was going into labor, but she didn't know it until she she showed up at the Emergency Room at Northwest.  Rene Boyd was the ER nurse working with Leah. 

She asked, "Are you pregnant?" 

Leah laughed.

They had to rule out all of the options, so they brought in a pregnancy test.  It was positive, but Leah wasn't. 

She continued to tell everyone in the room, "No, I'm not." 

That tune changed after test number two.

Not only was Leah pregnant, but also it was time to head up to Labor and Delivery.  Leah remembers being in shock.

"I kept looking up at Roger and saying, "What are we going to do?' His response was always the same, 'We're going to have a baby,'" Leah said.

The hours passed on while the prayers added up.  Despite all of the risks, Grace and Leah made it through.  After years of trying to forget her dreams of becoming a mother, Leah Thorn was holding a miracle. 

Roger, a proud new father puts the finishing touches on the entire experience when asked about how this has changed their lives.

"It's amazing.  It's Grace fulfilled," he said.

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