Likely Potter County Judge Announces Transition Team


AMARILLO -- Potter County Judge-Elect Nancy Tanner announced today the transition team to assume the office of Potter County Judge on January 1, 2015.

Tanner says, “I want to start leading from day one, so I named the following people to assist me with establishing priorities and determining needs for Potter County.”

  • Ginger Nelson- Local Attorney and Chairwoman of the A.E.D.C.

  • Carol Autry- Former long-time Tax Assessor/Collector for Randall County

  • Donald Conley- Local Attorney and former assistant County Attorney

  • Selden B. Hale III, Local Attorney and Former Chairman of the Tx. Dept. of Criminal Justice

  • T. D. Hammons- Local Attorney and former assistant County Attorney

  • Sharon Page- Retired Potter County Purchasing Agent

  • Norm Fisher- APD officer and President of CLEAT

“Nelson will serve as Chairwoman for the Transition Team,” Tanner said.  “I have asked the Transition Team to administer a survey to Elected Officials and Department Heads to determine current and future needs of each,” Tanner added.  “The results of the survey will be compiled by the chair of the Transition Team and a summary will be provided to each of those surveyed.  I don’t need to see the individual responses to learn what each of these elected officials and department heads have to say,” she said.

“Potter County has been without leadership for almost 4 years now and I don’t want to waste any time getting started once I take office,” Tanner said. 

“Potter County will be facing several challenges as I take office: the need to enhance fire protection; a higher than desired tax rate which can be reduced by residential and commercial growth; the development of consistent personnel policies that will enable our hardworking employees to have a career ladder and training for professional advancement and of course, the mental health issues which must be addressed as quickly as possible,” Tanner stated.

“I feel truly blessed to have respected community professionals donate their time to help me and Potter County start the first new county administration in 23 years, with the first female County Judge,” Tanner said.

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