League of Women Voters Sponsors Program on Eldercare

AMARILLO - Wednesday morning, the League of Women Voters had a program on what one Amarillo entity is doing to prepare for the future needs of our aging population.
Janette Kelley, the president of the LWV says, "We are senior citizens. We do like to not only receive education but give education like we did today. That is one of our goals as an organization is to educate the public in different things."
The guest speaker is Robert Smith, the vice-president of Baptist Community Services, who has taken a lead role in the planning of a building program known as Vision 2020 that will take about five years to come to fruition.
He presented a video about the changes underway at the Park Central campus which are designed to meet the needs of aging Baby Boomers.
He then answered audience questions about the Park Central plans, the BCS Arbors rehabilitation facility and eldercare in general, said Sylvia Perkins, League program vice-president.

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