Kimbrough Stadium Detours


It's the moment many people have been waiting season.

But some people will have to arrive a little early to beat the traffic.

That's because the Buffalo Stadium Road Bridge is closed for construction until November.

TxDOT Spokesperson Paul Braun says "We're rebuilding this whole bridge. We're going to tear it down and rebuild the whole bridge. It will be a brand new bridge and we're going to do it in 55 days."

Braun says construction wasn't originally meant to be during football season but because of safety issues, they had to act sooner than later.

Braun says "We originally had this project scheduled for December of this year when the football season was going to be all over because the bridge had reached a point where it needed to be replaced. However, during inspections in the late Spring we found that the bridge deck had deteriorated to the point where we had to shut this bridge down for safety reasons."

Canyon police are already preparing or the large amount of traffic around the stadium tonight.

Chief of Police says "What we've got to do is keep the people from parking in the median, the grassy median between U-S 87 and the stadium. That's going to be real dangerous and we're going to try to keep people from parking there."

Although people may have to find an alternative way to get to the stadium, Braun says there will be some helpful things for drivers to look out for.

Braun says "Prepare to follow the directions of the signs as you travel south or northbound into this area."

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