Kids at Arden Road Honor Returning Marine

AMARILLO -- Saturday saw the arrival of Staff Sargent Savath Phetluangsy back home to Amarillo after a year in Afghanistan. His last deployment finally ended and time with the family could begin again.

Today he was welcomed by students at Arden Road Elementary, where his youngest two kids attend.

Phetluangsy said that it was wonderful to see the support from the kids and all the friends and family while he was gone.

After 19 years in the marine corps, the family was glad to have him back for good.

His wife, Terry, said it was wonderful for the kids to see their classmates' appreciation.

In addition to the letters and care packages, the school set them up with gift cards for dinner and a movie.

Now the Phetluangsys are planning on kicking back and relaxing to help Savath ease into civilian life.

The Staff Sargent says he's always amazed at how much this city's changed every time he comes back.

Now he can stick around to watch it grow.

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