Kid Has A Dream

Published 01/17 2012 09:06AM

Updated 01/17 2012 09:09AM

PHOENIX -- Communities all over the country held events on Monday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., but it's safe to say that only one town's parade was organized by a 6-year-old.

Chandler Plante organized the MLK Day march in Camp Verde, Arizona, the first ever held in the town.

He collected 60 signatures supporting the parade and presented his petition to the Camp Verde City Council.

"I think this is wonderful, we have a nice little young boy, and he also has a dream. This is good, I think it's good for the town," said Mayor Bob Burnside.

The march brought in people from all over the state.

Chandler's cousins even came in from California.

"I believe that now that he knows that he had his own little dream and he made it happen, he saw it happen, and he got a lot of support, that he will continue to have other dreams and accomplish those goals that he might have," said Jan Plante, Chandler's mom.

Chandler hopes this MLK day march is only the beginning of many more to come.

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