Kenzie Green: Hearing is Believing the Difference of CMN.

- AMARILLO  --  Kenzie Green doesn't mind telling people about her hearing aid, "it makes weird sounds."  She also says its making a difference in the classroom, "it helps me hear."   

Rachel, Kenzie's mom, knew something was wrong early on, "she was behind in her speech and so we started therapy.  We went to an audiologist and she was diagnosed at the age of 5."

The doctor told them it was severe hearing loss in the left hear and an auditory processing disorder.

That explained the grades but it didn't provide an answer.  That's when Children's Miracle Network stepped in.

The testing, the listening device and speech therapy were going to put a dent in the Greens budget. Rachel says she's thankful C-M-N was there.

"It's a huge blessing," she said.  "It was like a Christmas miracle from them.  It was the best because we were going through a rough time."

Kenzie's doing better in school and her mother says it's because the FM system and therapy. The FM system wirelessly hooks up to the hearing aid.  The teacher puts on the device, which includes a microphone.  The words go directly into the hearing aid and it takes out all of the background noise.

Speech therapy sessions have become the norm for Kenzie.  She meets with Tammye Jackson, a licensed therapist, four times a week.  Children's Miracle Network picks up the tab.  If not, the Greens would have to pay $480 dollars a month. 

The sessions are working. Jackson says its noticeable, "Kenzie's spelling and her reading have improved by one grade level and that's happened within just a couple of months."

Its been a long process says Rachel.  I feel like we're on the right track with Mrs. Tammye and the FM system.

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