Judge Rules to Release Stanley Marsh 3 9-Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim Names

AMARILLO -- The names of 9-alleged sexual abuse victims of Stanley Marsh 3 will be released.

That's the ruling today from a judge hearing the case.

In the case, the alleged victims all claim they were minors when they were allegedly sexually assaulted by Marsh.

Attorneys for the nine plaintiffs in this case all filed suit this year claiming they were all minors who were plied with drugs and alcohol to perform sexually for Marsh

The plaintiffs attorney cited several statutes in defending the anonymity of his clients.

Chad Pinkerton says the only reason the defense wants the names released is to publicly shame his clients, essentially blaming the victim.

But, the defense contends without being able to mention the names of the alleged victims, they cannot get proper witness depositions.
This hearing was also the first time any of the alleged victims were referred to as male prostitutes.

The defense claims they all consented to sex with Marsh 3 for money and in some cases even sought him out.

Pinkerton denied the accusation saying all of his clients were troubled teens who were taken advantage of by Marsh.

Pinkerton plans to appeal today's decision.

Even though the names of the alleged victims are being released publicly that doesn't mean we will release them.

It's KAMR NBC 4's policy "not" to release the names of any alleged sexual assault victims unless they come forward and voluntarily release their names. 

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