Iraq Conflict Intensifies

- WASHINGTON D.C. -- Despite growing tensions in Iraq, President Obama says the US will not be sending troops into the region.

The President made the announcement on Friday.

This comes after the militant group "Islamic State", continues to battle Iraqi soldiers as they push toward Baghdad.

The President's decision has been criticized by some in Congress, including Representative Mac Thornberry.

The Panhandle Congressman released the following statement on the decision:

"The aggressive advancement of terrorists across Iraq poses a major threat to Iraq, its neighbors, the Middle East, and the United States.  Our top priority must be to protect our people and American interests.  That protection cannot come from a passive White House.  Americans need to see the President's plan to stop the spread of terrorism and counter the threat as soon as possible."

The President did not rule out any military action altogether, just ruled out sending more US troops into the region for combat.

White House officials are weighing other options to bring peace back into the region, but a decision won't be made for several days.

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