IMMIGRATION: Protests Spread, Crisis Continues

Protests are spreading, as the federal government struggles to deal with what Democrats and Republicans are calling a "humanitarian crisis."

With word that Oracle, Arizona would soon house dozens of immigrant children.

"You're just lucky. You're not better. None of you are better than them."

The often-emotional demonstrations spread to Oracle. The County Sheriff says the public has a right to know where people who have crossed the US Border illegally are being held.

"Not only for transparency but this significant public safety and potentially a public health issue, absolutely, I believe the public has a right to know."

With the influx of tens of thousands of immigrants -- especially unaccompanied children from Central America -- the department of health and human services has reached out to some cities, such as Los Angeles, for help.

"They didn't ask the city to take in personally through public housing or anything else, but asked us to convene non-profit groups that have experience with refugees, with asylum seekers, with immigrants..."

Senate Republicans are pushing a plan they say would allow for quick deportations for most minors who have crossed the border illegally, but some Democrats at least aren't supporting it.

"I think that it's too broad. It addresses more than just the border problem.

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