Immigrant Children Staying at Oklahoma Military Barracks

Reporter Jessica Schambach loaded up in a van with HHS officials and members of the media for an hour-long tour.

The guides read from a script. And reporters were told not to ask questions.

They drove reporters to basic trainee barracks on post, where 1,160 illegal immigrant children are staying.

The federal government released photographs and a short video beyond the security gate.

Inside - the buildings are stark, but clean, with some signs of aging.

Beds are lined up, covered in white linens.

Decorations made by the children make the barracks feel a little less military.

HHS also gave us this video from a Texas shelter.

At Fort Sill, Schambach saw similar scenes -- kids playing in the grass, doing arts and crafts, singing and dancing.  

But the buildings, at times, still felt like an institution - with designated areas for medical attention and case management.  

The children are told when to eat, shower and sleep.

They can make two, 10-minute phone calls a week.  

Spanish-speaking workers try to connect them with loved ones or sponsor families in the US.

Since children started arriving there about a month ago, 567 have been discharged.
HHS says the shelter will remain open for about another three months.  

After that, the kids will end up at another shelter.

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