Hundreds of Volunteers Helping Fritch Wildfire Victims

- FRITCH -- The Fritch wildfire is 95% contained but there are no active flames.

        One week after the fire destroyed hundreds of homes, volunteers are flooding the tiny town to help.

        As the clean-up process continues four pieces of wood and some chicken wire are proving to be beneficial in the seach for valuables.  Not just monetary, but sentimental as well.

        The Red Cross is handing out homemade sifters for property owners to sift through the rubble in search of valuables.

        "It's really helped a lot of people in the area get their valuables and stuff, the little bitty things that when all that's left is the leftovers you know, they might find a ring, but they might find you know, remainders of it, because that fire was so hot, it's just devastating."  said volunteer Vince Hester.

        He is one of the hundreds of volunteers on the ground in Fritch helping victims sort through the rubble.

        Meanwhile, the group Texas Baptist Men have about three dozen volunteers in Fritch.  Bill Blackwell, with the group says it's an honor helping the survivors.

        "It's always amazing what we find.  It's always amazing myself who gets more excited about what's found.  The homeowner or the people doing the sifting.   But, always exciting to find something the homeowners have lost, but they haven't."  Said Blackwell.
        One of the many amazing stories coming out of Fritch is that of a veteran who lost his purple heart in the fire.  TBM volunteers will begin an active search for it soon."

        Fritch victims are also getting a lot of volunteer help from businesses in the area.  Bell Helicopter, for example, has some of its employees in Fritch.  They built a lot of the sifters

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