Humane Society Issues Statement on Animal Control Investigation

AMARILLO -- Carry Baker, Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society Board President issued a statement this morning in regards to the allegations of improper euthanasia by the Amarillo Animal Control Department. 

The Humane Society also discussed plans to help ensure that more pets get out of the shelter.

Update:  5:10 P.M.

AMARILLO -- The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society weighs-in on the investigation into the city's Animal Control department.

        The Humane Society is the adoption agency for the city but, are in no way part of the investigation.

        During a news conference Monday, the acting president, Carry Baker, cited several problems with Animal Control including possible crimes.

        Baker says Animal Control may be breaking the law because there are no scales on site.

        Scales are used to weigh animals so the correct dosage of drugs can be administered for euthanasia.

        Animal Control may be forcing employees to commit crimes without them.

        Baker says the problem appears to be from management rather than the animal control officers.  "Our belief is that there has been mismanagement, incorrect supervision and improper training of employees."  Baker said.

        The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society has retained legal counsel in case they file suit against the city.  Baker says that may be possible to stop any further euthanizations until Animal Control is in full compliance with state law.

        While the Humane Society and Animal Control are in the same building, they are two different entities.

        The Humane Society is the city's adoption agency and does not euthanize animals.  Their main job is to save animals and promote spay and neutering of pets.

        The police investigation is still ongoing and the city will not comment until it's complete.

        Animal Control director Mike McGee and assistant director Shannon Barlow are both on administrative leave, pending the police investigation.

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