Hometown Hero: Back in the Fight


AMARILLO -- After three tours in Afghanistan, a hometown hero is not backing down from one last fight.

Ross Cox is hard at work training for a unique boxing match in a league that is one of a kind.

He joined the military in 2001; shortly before September 11.

In fact, he was one of the first to report to Afghanistan, but it is his third tour he'll never forget.

After patrolling an area, Ross stepped on an improvised explosive device, or IED causing him to lose his foot and later part of his leg.

The fight in this soldier does not back down.

He is now in Amarillo training at Nick's Fight Club for a match, in a new up-start boxing league.

Ross's match is set to happen later in July.

He tells us that combative sports will soon sanction the NABA later this month.

Once they are, they will be the first sanctioned organization of their kind.

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