Homeowner Stays Positive after Living in Charred Home

AMARILLO - You may remember the yesterday's story about a homeowner, Ray Murphy's whose house caught fire in November.

The fire happened because of faulty wiring and Murphy continued to live in the house even after the fire. 

That was not the only trauma he has faced while living in his Mesa Circle home. 

Two years ago, Murphy was attacked in his home. He was bleeding from his ears and was bruised. His dog was also killed in the attack. 

Murphy's neighbor of 38 years, Marjorie Ratcliffe said he wanted to help her neighbor in need. 

"My prayer at the time was God would minister to Ray through people in the neighborhood," Ratcliffe said.

Volunteers from around the community have helped Murphy rebuild his home. Organizations such as Hillside Christian Church and Boy Scouts Pack 1 have chipped in as well. Murphy said he's keeping a good attitude through it all. 

"I've always been able to overcome," Murphy said. "That's the reason I am still around."


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