Hispanic Health Initiative Linked to Obamacare

- WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A coalition of Hispanic organizations announced the kickoff of a campaign to get eligible Hispanics enrolled in the new health insurance exchanges.
    The leaders said their efforts are spurred by the fact that some 10 million Hispanic Americans lack health insurance.
    And they have promised that the insurance exchange's website failures won't stop their efforts.
    In-person community registration and phone enrollment will be heavily encouraged by organizers, since they say most uninsured Hispanics lack home internet access.
Janet Murguia, the President of the National Council of La Raza said, "The success of this affordable care act, because of the proportionality of our latino families who are eligible, is integrally tied to the success of our community being enrolled."
    As part of the enrollment process, the groups will use town halls and registration drives.

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