Justin Young, with the High Plains Food Bank Garden knows a thing or two about backyard chickens.

"We've learned a lot in the two and half, three years we've had chickens," Young said. 

And Young says, there's not reason to chicken out  when it comes to backyard livestock.

"Keeping chickens is really simple. It's definitely doable for anyone who actually wants to keep chickens," Young said.

Backyard chickens are a growing trend, offering people a new food source right in their home.

The High Plains Food Bank Garden has six hens, and the garden will put on a workshop this Thursday, to get people started in their own homes. 

"It's becoming more of a trend for us city folk to be participating, as a just a small step toward sustainability for ourselves," Young said. 

The garden's six hens produce four to six eggs a day, and the chickens help fertilize other parts of the garden.

Young says, through the workshop, they hope to teach people the right techniques when it comes to backyard chickens.

"I feel like the city's kind of on the fence about it or, there's a lot of argument, debate about whether it's a good idea or not, so we want to teach people some of the right things to do, so that we can keep it a positive thing," Young said.

A positive thing for your family's food supply, right in your backyard.

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