Helping the Wild West Rehabilitation Center Open Their Doors

AMARILLO - Raccoons, opossums, falcons and more!

These are animals you normally find living in the great outdoors.

But they're just some of the animals being nursed back to health by Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Skunks, snakes, and foxes, oh my!

They're just hitting the surface for a number of animals being helped by Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. 

Stephanie Oravetz, the Rehabilitation Center's Founder and Executive Director says, "This is a first for Amarillo. To have a wildlife center going up in the history of Amarillo that we're aware of. Basically, we're a group of volunteers. Running completely off of donations. And we volunteer our time to help the injured and orphaned wildlife in the Texas Panhandle, and that's all 26 counties."

12 raccoon babies, 93 opossums, nine foxes, 18 skunk babies, seven Falcons, six owls, songbirds, cottontails, a bull snake and more. 

If you've ever wondered where the wild things are, look no further.

Oravetz says, "Within the first five months, I had 200 animals come through my house. And then last year we had 758 and this year we're going to very much surpass that. So we've got a team of five of us and we all have to do it from our homes until the centers open."

One of the many volunteers helping to expedite the opening process is Thomas. 

He's been with the group a little over a year now. 

And has stuck around because he believes in the mission of the non-profit. 

Thomas Loppnow, a Construction Foreman at the rehabilitation center says "I think they need my skill sets out here to help out. And I certainly appreciate what Stephanie is trying to do here. "

If the center doesn't open soon, the group may get to the point where they may have to start turning animals away. 

There are three main tasks needed to officially open the doors of the center.

They need a septic system, an AC unit, and flooring for 1800 square feet, but that's going to take money or donations.

Oravetz says when it comes to the construction of their new center, they would not be where they are now if wasn't for their volunteers.

For more information about the rehabilitation center visit their Facebook page by clicking here. 

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