Help from the Community

A community is coming together to help those in need after the massive wildfire, including Sanford-Fritch High School.

"I cannot even begin to imagine what they're going through at this point."

The deadly wildfire has taken its toll on hundreds of people in our area, and the Red Cross and Sanford-Fritch High School are teaming up to help them.

Steve Pair from the Texas Panhandle Chapter of the Red Cross says, it's situations like this that people in our community come together. 

Pair says, "initially we took in about 200 people at this shelter.  Now we're down to about 60 or so.  It's really a community effort.  Celebriation Church around the corner is sheltering another 70 people."

He tells us McDonald's in Borger is donating burgers and the Chick-fil-A at Westgate Mall is giving them 150 sandwhiches.

Sanford-Fritch High School is closed today because the superintendent says some students and teachers lost their homes in the past twelve hours.

School will be back in session tomorrow.

When it came to helping the victims, he says it wasn't even a question.

Fritch ISD Superintendent Jim McClellan tells us, "obviously the school is the hub of the community. We have the facilities to hold it as well. So it's just a mattter of purpose.  You know something we should do to help our people out, whether they have people in our schools or not."

If you're interested in donating to help the victims, Pair is asking people to wait.

He tells us they are waiting for emergency officials to assess the needs.

"Then as we identify those needs, we work with them to identify those needs, we'll certainly pass them along," says Pair.

There is one thing many people we spoke with today say they do need though.

"Pray for everybody that lost their houses and help us out if you can.  That's it."

McClellan says even though Sanford-Fritch High School will have classes tomorrow, the shelter there will stay open.

He tells us they can block off that portion of the school.

If you're interested in volunteering, or for more information head over to http://www.Redcross.Org/tx/amarillo-pampa or call 376-6309

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