Heart of The High Plains: Patsy's Place

The place becomes a home for these women.

AMARILLO - Sharing Hope Ministry assists women who have been incarcerated. They started with mentoring programs and sending bibles, but it did not stop there. 

In January of 2011, Patsy's Place opened. Patsy's Place is a transitional home for women that are coming out of prison. The place becomes a home for these women. 

"I did almost three years in prison so when you get here, it's kind of, it's a shell shock. You walk in the door and everything is so pretty and nice compared to what you've been in. It really was a learning experience," Brandy Neasbitt, Patsy's Place graduate said. 

The women at Patsy's Place goes through a 12-month journey that is broken up into four parts. The women learn about themselves, God, and how to function in society. 

Patsy's Place makes sure that each woman feels like she belongs and that she's welcome. 

"Just because you've been in prison doesn't mean you can't have nice things. And just because you went to prison doesn't mean you didn't come from a place where you had nice things," Ersela Demerson, Patsy's Place program director said, "We want to empower these women from the inside out." 

Neasbitt explained, "This gave me a foundation to build on. It helped me get my children back, it helped me get my family back in my life."

Patsy's Place has helped over 100 women. 

"I just feel so honored and humbled to be a part. In that, God chose me to do it. I'm just a church girl. I tell them, I can't tell you about recovery, I can't tell you about drugs and alcohol, but I can tell you Jesus and I can give you Jesus and that's what I'm going to do and I believe that's where change happens and they just happen to listen to me," Demerson explained. 

Patsy's Place accepts women off of an application process. The woman must reach out to Patsy's Place on her own and meet all the criteria. 

If you want to help or learn more about Sharing Hope Ministry and Patsy's Place, you can attend "Hope Fest" 2018. Hope Fest is Thursday, March 29 at the Amarillo Civic Center Heritage Ballroom at 7 p.m. Tickets are $40. Margaret Willis will be the featured guest speaker. There will also be food and more. 

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