Healthcare Costs Cut in Half in Canyon

A trip to an area clinic can save you hundreds of dollars.

It's not any part of the Affordable Care Act, but it's definitely affordable.

The Cross Medical Clinic in Canyon opened it's doors in November of 2013.

Nurse Practitioner Gloria Fuller says, "we offer basically anything.  If you have a laceration we will suture you, colds, flues, strep, blood work, diabetes, hypertension."

She tells us it all started with an idea between her and a couple of other nurses.

A goal of the clinic is to allow people with high deductibles or those who can't afford health insurance, to be able to

"For an individual, it's 55 dollars a month.  They can come in as much as they want and pay a 20 dollar copay every time they come in and basically everything is covered," says Fuller.

It's called the Cross Medical Plan.

For a family plan it's $110 dollars per month.

We talked to a Canyon resident whose wife is diabetic.

He heard about the clinic through a friend and says finding out about the Cross Medical Plan couldn't have come at a better time.

Wayne Powell says, "every time we go to the doctor it costs us between $150 and $300 a month.  We don't have that kind of money sometimes.  Ya know, we've had to skimp on stuff.  But this way with this, and this plan right here, $55 a month and $20 when you come in, you can't beat that."

We're told the  mission of the clinic is to not only provide affordable insurance for folks like Powell and his wife, but also to help smaller towns who maybe can't make it to Amarillo or bigger cities for healthcare.

Powell says, "it's a good deal.  You can't find it anywhere else, quality healthcare for that price."

The Cross Medical Center is currently only open on weekends.

Fuller says they are planning to be open Monday through Friday in a few months.

It's a medical clinic to help the community, made possible in part by the community.

Fuller says the exam tables were donated by an area cardiologist, and a local barber shop gave them many chairs.

For more information or if you have any questions, call the clinic at 557-4138.

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