Healing One Brush Stoke At A Time


AMARILLO - In 2002, Tina Beebe was desperate for a miracle. She had twin girls, Amber and Makayla, three months early.

Devastatingly, Amber lost her battle on April 10th of that year, but the miracle came as Makayla went on to spend 75 days in the NICU and eventually got to go home. She's now a thriving young woman and turned 12 years old in March. It was all with help from local doctors and our area Children's Miracle Network.

The Beebe's story continues years later, as they are finding healing, one brush stroke at a time.

Amber lives on in the form of painted angels that the Beebe family delivers to parents with babies in the NICU, every April on the anniversary of Amber's passing. 

"It's actually been an incredible source of healing for us," mom, Tina Beebe said, "Grieving the loss of our baby and wanting to turn something negative into something positive, we came into this shop, Brush with Art and kind of told our story."

It was a story that hit home for the owner of Brush With Art, Lille Farris.

"I also have twins. And they're 17 and perfectly healthy, but when I was pregnent with them on bedrest, I just prayed and prayed for their health," Farris said.

It was back in 2004 that the Beebes wandered into Brush With Art, and so began a tradition that has led to the painting and delivery of hundreds of angels.

Beebe says the angels carry a message about miracles for families in a time of need.

"Miracles do happen... To kind of give them a story of success, which would be Makayla. And helping them have a sense of hope," Beebe said.

A sense of hope for families and a journey of healing for the Beebes, one stroke at a time.

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