Hail Damage Repairs Continue

- AMARILLO -- Ten months after the costliest storm to ever hit Amarillo, construction companies and repair shops are still playing catch-up.

    The May 28, 2013 hail storm did $500,000,000 in damage, affecting 75% of the residential housing in Amarillo.

    At times last year, you couldn't walk through a neighborhood without seeing a plethora of roofing signs in yards.

    Mark Petty, the owner of Kelley Roofing, says after the storm, hundreds of unknown roofing companies filed for permits.

    He says prior to the storm, his employees replaced an average of 25 roofs/month.  But, in the aftermath of the storm, he had to hire more people to keep up with demand.

    At one time, after the storm, they were averaging about 400/month.

    "We're still steady.  The volume has definitely gone down from the heat of the battle out there, but it's still much more volume than we were pre-storm."  Petty said.

    The month immediately following the storm, residential roofing permits issued by the city jumped to nearly 1,800.

    That number peaked at nearly 4,400 in July.

    Auto body shops are also playing catch-up.  Harvey's Precision Body Shop says they're booked through May with hail damage repairs from last years storm

    The clock may be running out for some who suffered damage.  It depends on your insurance company on how long you have to file a claim.
    But, you should be able to file an extension.

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