Growing a Family Business at the Farmers Market

From buying produce at the peak of freshness to meeting the people who grow your food ,there are many reasons to support farmers markets.

Austin Kimbrell, co-owner of Cimarron Organics says, "My dad started it about 12 or 13 years ago. He wanted to grow organic strawberries."

Austin is the co-owner of Cimarron Organics. A family farm that specializes in tomatoes and sells to local restaurants around town.

Austin says, "We actually sell to Market Street United and the one on Bell, and I'm also selling to Fire Slice Pizza and to OHMS right now too. They want to buy local and keep everything local."

George started Howard Farms 15 years ago as a hobby and says it keeps him busy. Now, he's planting seeds in the younger generation.

George Howard, owner and founder of Howard Farms says, "I'm retiring this is going to probably be my last hurrah, but my boys and his wife will be taking my place. They've been coming out here with for me about 10, 12 years too."

The produce that's sold at the farmers market doesn't spend weeks in storage, and because of that, it's allowed to fully ripen before being picked.

George says, "It's less than 24 hours old. We sell watermelons and cantaloupes for basic crop and we have tomatoes, okra and peas, cucumbers, squash and a few things like that."

Another advantage to shopping and buying local is knowing that most of the food at the market's minimally processed, and free of herbicides and pesticides.

Austin says, "You spray all these harsh chemicals and you know, it's just so bad for your body and everything, and people don't think it's that big of a deal when you wash it off but it'll seep into the produce and everything."

Most of the farmers are located within 70 miles or less of Amarillo and are all family-owned and operated. As a result, they also contribute to the Amarillo area economy.

Angie Monroe says, "This is good money. This is putting my kids through college."

Weekly trips to the farmers market lets shoppers know where their food comes from, and buying locally lets shoppers connect with the vendors. 

Amy Douthitt, local shopper says, "I enjoy buying the really fresh produce, and I appreciate the farmers work ethic and I just love getting it straight from them."

Austin says, "It's just so much healthier for you and better for the environment as well."
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- Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
- 7 a.m. until Sold Out
- (806) 383-1366

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