Good News for 2014 College Grads

College graduates, 4 years of hard work may be paying off sooner than you might think.

A new study shows employers are hiring fresh college graduates now more than ever.

"Mama, I made it!"

As if graduating wasn't reason enough to celebrate, good news seniors.

According to a survey from Harris Poll and CareerBuilder, about 57% of employers say they plan to hire new college graduates this year, up from 53% last year, and 44% in 2010.

This is just one of several nationwide surveys, all showing improvements from past years.

WT Senior Jessica Walters says, "people that have graduated right before me and then people in my graduating class have also gotten job offers, I would say about half of them."

Graduate Michael Akers says, "I've built a resume and I've sent them out.  I've gotten to apply for a few jobs and I've gotten some interviews and call backs for those."

Several WT students we spoke with say that survey seems to be pretty accurate.

Senior Kiyah Brooks says, "the process is going fairly well.  I've had quite a few interviews thus far , so hopefully I have something lined up here pretty soon."

Senior Danielle Coffey says, "I've heard a lot of positive feedback from other companies that i'm looking in to."

Xcel Energy right here in Amarillo and in eastern New Mexico say they're opening their doors to fresh grads.

Wes Reeves says, "definitely we are looking for people in general, but especially younger people."

He says the average age of Xcel workers is men and women in their late 40's.

Reeves says, "we have about 1800 employees in that area and of that 1800 about 400 will be eligible to leave here within the next five years."

He tells us with our local economy getting stronger, it's a lot more competitive, and fresh young faces will be a good addition to their team.

Reeves, as well as all the students we talked to say it's all about having a positive attitude.

Senior Clinton Comes says, "I think it is is pretty optimistic right now for seniors."

If you're a business major you may have another reason to celebrate.

About 40% of employers want to hire business majors, according to that same survey.

Even though young professionals will have more job opportunities, more than half of the companies surveyed say their entry level paychecks will be about the same as last year.

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