Golf Tournament with Emmitt Smith

Golf is a sport many people enjoy, but it's even better when it's for a good cause.

The March of Dimes Golf for Babies kicked off August 23rd.

NFL Hall of Fame Inductee Emmitt Smith says, "i'm glad to see the people here are doing things to try to help others"

Board Chair of the March of Dimes Charles Leard says, "all these golfers are donating to that life changing cause of the kids out here, the scholarship recepients, and the research that we do"

Smith says, "when I see someone trying to raise money for the local community,  through March of Dimes and other efforts, I think it's a great thing because it shows where their heart is at, it shows they havent forgotten, and they're consciously thinking of how they can improve another person's life, and thats a wonderful thing.

March of Dimes donor William Cardwell says, "when I had the opportunity to donate money and play with Emmitt, I jumped at the opportunity, playing with a cowboy is good, but also helping out a charity."

Smith says, "it's a responsibility upon every human being to try and take advantage of not only the talents they actually have, but to create opportunities for others or to help another person out."

The former Dallas Cowboy says "if a lot more people took that initiative and stop thinking about themselves, and start putting others ahead, i think they would find a lot more peace within themselves and we'd get a lot more done."

All of the proceeds collected will go toward the March of Dimes Amarillo and the Brandy Lee Leard Memorial Scholarship.

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