Going the Distance

- AMARILLO -- She kayaks in Antarctica, races across the Big Wall of China, and helps out orphans in Kenya. In only six years Mindy Montano has seen more than many people will in a lifetime, but her journey's far from done.

The journey started back in 2008, with a chance meeting at a marathon.

"My goal is to run a half marathon in each of the seven continents," said Mindy. "In Hawaii, there was a man who was attempting to run a full marathon in each of the 50 states...so i thought why not try the continents?"

Six years and six continents later, Mindy's now one Australian trip away from the finish line. She'll be the first to admit though, her trail's had some twists and turns.

 "I'd have to say Antarctica was the most difficult," said Montano. "The terrain was mud, it was ice, it was rocky, there were some streams that we had to jump over.

But Montano's trip to Kenya might be her favorite so far.

"We visited a very small underprivileged orphanage," said Montano. "When i returned to the United States, we created a 501 C3 non profit organization called Kids of Kenya.
Since her first trip back in 2010, Mindy has returned to Kenya yearly to check up on the kiddo's. .   

"It's just a nice way now that i can give back to the children that i met who made a drastic change in my life as well," said Montano.

What started out as a college hobby has turned into a global mission, a non profit organization, and a new outlook on life. All that's left, is a trip 'Down Unda'.

"It's a great stress reliever, and it's nice to get out in the fresh air and it's fun to travel and meet different people," said Montano. "This is just something that I enjoy doing."

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