Going For The Gold: Olympic Legacy

SALT LAKE CITY -- The 2014 Winter Olympics are 15 weeks away and the Americans are going through intense training. A lot of that hard work is happening in former Olympic host cities like Lake Placid, New York, Squaw Valley, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah - the last U.S. City to host the games. Sochi is about to discover going for the gold is a legacy of the past and the fuel for the future.

Mark Walker has lasting memories of the 2002 Winter Olympics. As the Director of Media, he oversaw the torch relay that stretched across the country. 

The 2002 Winter Games are considered by many as the most successful Winter Olympics ever. There were great athletes, great competition, thousands of volunteers, and the games made money and left a lasting legacy.

Reminders of the 2002 Games are everywhere, including the Olympic caldrons, the pictures, the buildings, and the momentos. Even the clothing is still being worn with pride.

Part of the legacy of the 2002 Winter Games are the facilities left behind. The ski resorts were already there but a ski jump, a luge and bobsled track, and the Olympic oval for skating events all had to be built. Now those facilites are being used to train the next generation of Olympic athletes, which is a source of pride for the people here.

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