Fundraising for the 6th Annual Rope for a Cure is Underway

Addy Wagaman says, "I do have diabetes. I have a little pouch thingy right here and when you press this button it tells you how low you are."

Looking at Addy you wouldn't know this five year old suffers from type one diabetes. It's a chronic disease that requires 24 hour care and is not something that children can outgrow.

Melanie Thompson, Avery's mom, says, "Aavery was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was three. So you could say that she's never known anything else except how to live with diabetes."

Eight years of Avery's life have been spent watching what she eats., going to the doctor and dealing with insulin pumps. This took a toll on Avery when her 11th birthday approached.

Melanie says, "This year she wanted a really big birthday party. It was a swim party and on the invitation really big she wrote I don't want presents. Please donate to Rope for a Cure."

Rope for a Cure's an annual fundraiser put on by the Range Riders. The event benefits kids with type one diabetes, grants scholarships for specialized camps and funds research to find a cure. Avery raised more than $1400 to help kids with type one diabetes in the Texas Panhandle. 

Avery Thompson says, "The way I can't really do things others can -- like eat freely or go around not have things on my body."

Diabetes has brought this group of kids together, and gives them a normal environment. It's also a chance to contribute to the fundraising efforts by painting items that'll be at the Rope for a Cure silent auction. 

MacKenzie Porter says, "It's easy when you're around other kids that have to make the same eating choices as you do."

Grany Denny says, "Sometimes you don't even get friends because of diabetes. They think something's wrong with you-- your'e sick or something and it's spreadable."

Grant shares the same diagnosis with Addy, Avery and MacKenzie, and is very passionate about finding a cure.

"Really because diabetes is a big deal and it's growing more today, and it's just kind of hard living with diabetes. If we don't find a cure we'll have to live like this our whole life," Grant says.

He's even taken his concerns to the national level.

Grant says, "I've been to Washington D.C. I've met the Vice President. I've seen the secretaries. I've met the Representative of Texas twice, and it's been a very good experience." 

Even though Grant's only 10 years ol, his efforts haven't gone unnoticed. 

"You're never too young to give and you're never too young to look toward helping others and these kids here today," Melanie says.

Grant says, ""I feel like I can make a difference, and I can change people's minds about diabetes."    

Range Rider's Rope for a Cure

- August 8th to 10th

- Range Rider's Indoor Arena

- (806) 622-2102

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