Fritch Residents Return Home After Fire

- When Lorna Wade returned home after the fire, she found little left of the life she and her husband have spent decades building.

"I just went to my knees. I just cried. I don't know. I'm just kind of numb right now. I mean it's just. You don't think at our age you're going to have to start over," Wade said.  

The Wade's sat where their patio once was, trying to think about what moving forward means.

"We found nothing. We haven't found a dish that was saved," Wade said. 

Down the street, Larry Kiser surveryed the home he's lived in since the 80s - the place he raised his family.

Larry and his daughter came to see the home together.

"We just held each other up. And it was really sad. And we walked around reminiscing and everything like that," Kiser said.  

Reminiscing about the past but also thinking about the future after the fire. 

"I'm hoping to rebuild here. I love it here. Been here so long," Kiser said.

And rising from the rubble is the first sign of Kiser's new start.

"Well my flag pole was still standing."

So two flags now fly, on the pole this fire couldn't tear down.

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