Fritch Medical Clinic Temporarily Closes

An area medical clinic announces they'll be closed until further notice.

Kevin Storey, the CEO of the Golden Plains Community Hospital, which operates the Fritch Medical Clinic tells us the reason the medical clinic is temporarily closed is because their nurse practitioner resigned March 7.

"Well I was pretty disappointed.  Cindy is my favorite doctor on the planet.  No complaints here"

Now, if you're a patient of the clinic and need healthcare, Storey says the hospital's Affordable Care Clinic is where they should go until the Fritch Medical Clinic reopens.

Storey says they're in the process of opening a medical clinic in Stinnett, across the street from the high school.

He tells us they've been interviewing professionals for that clinic and actually hired a nurse practitioner March 10.

He says if need be, they may have that nurse practitioner start in Fritch so it can reopen as soon as possible.

The new clinic in Stinnett should be open in about a month, and Storey says he hopes to have the Fritch Medical Clinic back open in 30 days.

Storey says they're excited to expand to Stinnett so that they can better serve citizens of Hutchinson County.

He says the temporary closing on the clinic in Fritch is just a small bump in the road.

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