Fritch Donations


FRITCH -- Donations continue to pour in to the Fritch area from all over the nation. So much so officials say they simply have too much of some items.

Donations Officer Samantha Riggle says they have an abundance of clothes. In fact some of the clothes they received currently fill four storage houses waiting to be sifted through.

Riggle says they are not in need of little kids shoes, water, or tooth brushes/toothpaste either.

Items that are still in need include:

Men's boots
Toiletries of all kinds
Baby formula, bottles, diapers etc.

But be mindful that old used items aren't all that useful.

"If it's got a crack, or a hole or a tear in it please don't send it, said Riggle. "We're not trying to say hey here's my old stuff, we're trying to say here here's some nice stuff i bought for myself i want you to have it."

As for those still in need of shelter or refuge, the American Red Cross says the shelter location has been moved to 811 East Broadway in Fritch, to the Celebration Family Church. The shelter had been located at the Fritch High School since Sunday.

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