Fritch Church Reaches Out

A Fritch church is making sure wildfire victims have food, clothing and a whole lot more.

"We're just trying to help all the people we can in Fritch."

Volunteers and church goers have been helping to feed and provide clothing to those in need since Tuesday.

Pastor Danny Courtney from First Southern Baptist Church says on Tuesday close to 200 people came to the church for assistance.

He says Friday they fed close to 100 firefighters.

They also served breakfast and lunch today.

Courtney tells us it's been a true Texas Panhandle effort.

He says,"we've had help from churches in Panahandle, Canyon, Amarillo, Dumas, and we've had a lot of businesses that have helped us also."

Some of those businesses are Walmart in Dumas, who Courtney says has sent money and baby items.

He tells us baby items are a big need.

Dollar General has also been contributing to the relief.

The Culinary Institute of America sent 2 tons of frozen food to feed people in Fritch.

Courtney says he can't even put into words how blessed he is for the community involvement.

"One of the things that amazed me, some homeless people from Amarillo came and helped to distribute food."

If people in need can't make it to the church, no worries.

Volunteer Mandy Hernandez says, "we'll fix up plates and if they need clothing or food we'll ask them what their specific needs are and we'll just get a volunteer, which any of them are willing to jump on it, throw some stuff in their car and go make deliveries."

The church is also providing hot meals.

Hernandez says their doors will be open to those in need 365 days a year.

"I couldn't ask for a better community to live in.  The town of Fritch has really pulled together and i'm really happy that I get to be here."

Courtney tells us 2 men from the Philippines happened to be in town when the wildfire happened.

He says they were so thankful for the help the US gave them during the devastation from the hurricanes, they have bent over backwards to help the people of Fritch.

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