Fritch Church Building Turned Into a Distribution Center

FRITCH --  An old church building has been converted to a distribution center for wildfire victims.

The First Church of the Nazarene is now where volunteers are taking what people are bringing them.

Samantha Riggle who is leading the effort told us that beyond clothing, people are in need of the everyday stuff that they now have to deal without having.

"Toiletry items because they're consumable goods. They're constantly running out. People run out of shaving cream, they're going to run out of soap," said Riggle.

Once they opened up, the response was amazing. Much of what they have stocked on Tuesday was received within 12 hours, and they will be back early in the morning as well.

In fact, when she opened this morning at 8 am, several folks were waiting to donate.

The building is actually the site of the previous First Church of the Nazarene in Fritch, before the congregation relocated to Borger.

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