Free Immunization Shots

With the start of a new school year just days away, Generation Next Worship Center and many people in the community are preparing the kids, one shot at a time.

Pastor Tommy Fulgham says, "today we're actually giving away clothing for students going back to school."

Dr. Alan Keister says, "what we're getting to do today is immunize children who are getting ready to go back to school."

From 1 p.m.  until 4 p.m., Generation Next, as well as Heal the City are offering free immunization shots for students.

However, it doesn't stop there.

Later in the evening they also are providing clothing, which has been donated by people in the community, as well as several different businesses.

Fulgham says, they just want to show their support for those in need.

He tells us, "we're trying to help the families out  that maybe can't get anything at the moment or maybe they need a little extra help, I just kind of want to be there in the in between for them."

He says the event has been a real community effort.

Dr. Alan Keister from Amarillo Medical Specialists says, "we've got a big group of volunteers from pediatric offices, from different physician offices, and actually even some volunteers from the health department."

He tells us several people took advantage of the event, and described the day as steady and smooth.

But, the past couple of weeks have been a bit tense.

Dr. Shari Medford from Amarillo Children's Clinic says, "between Thursday and last night at about 7 p.m. we got well over about a thousand doses of vaccine for this clinic.  It came from probably 15-20 different clinics across the region, and some of it also came from our health department here in Amarillo."

She says before Thursday, they had zero vaccines, but again, she says it all goes back to the community and support from the health department here in town.

Fulgham says "San Jacinto community is a really awesome community.  They come together really well.  They're very appreciate and very good people."

Heal the City is a free urgent care right next to Generation Next Worship Center for uninsured people.

Keister says it will be open on September 8th.

He says free shots was one way to introduce the new business to the community.

Fulgham tells us Generation Next provides help for those in need year round.

For more information call 673-1647

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