Four Amarillo

- AMARILLO -- Four churches are coming together for those in need in Downtown Amarillo.

The First Baptist, Polk Street Methodist, First Presbyterian, and Central Church of Christ have been working several projects all week long, but they say they have much more to do.

The collaboration, called "Four Amarillo", started meeting on Monday, and has been involved in everything from impromptu block party bible school meetings, to helping out the High Plains Food Bank.

But one of their main projects won't be done until the end of this week, as the churches work together to help out Ray and Gloria Chavez, who live just minutes away from all four locations.
Church officials tell us because of several strokes and an aneurism nearly two years ago, Gloria is now confined to her bed and wheelchair. While Ray dedicated his time taking care of her, the house fell into disarray.

But with four crews working on everything from a new paint job, to widening doors for wheelchair accessibility, the Chavez family will soon be set.

"They had some needs that they just haven't been able to meet," said Central Church of Christ Preaching Minister, Allan Stanglin. "So Howie, Howard, Bert and I put our heads together and said we've gotta help this family."

According to Stanglin, the house will be completed by Saturday afternoon.

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