Weight Loss: There's An App For That!

Technology has become a huge part of our lives from career networking, to staying organized and keeping in touch with friends. But - did you know it can also keep you fit?

This doesn't look like somewhere you'd usually workout.

But now an internet connection can bring a personal trainer right into your home.

Wello.com is one of the new services that uses your webcam and a web browser to allow you to workout with a trainer:  Anytime anywhere

Yoga, pilates, aerobics, strength training. Group classes cost $14 dollars, one-on-one with a trainer: $29 bucks

Or you can connect to apps to lose weight or bulk up. Passion4Profession is a free app to guide you through sit ups

Runtastic has a free app to track your push ups. It counts it by when you nose touches the screen of the phone so it makes sure you're going all the way down.

Dr. Narula says consult a doctor first if you have heart problems or any other health issues but with more than one-third of the entire world overweight any attempt to focus on exercise is important whether its push ups, sit ups, or working out in the kitchen.

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