Trending Now - Why Do I Eat More When It's Cold Outside?

Do you have a case of the winter munchies? When it gets cold outside, a lot of us just eat more.

A cardiologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that many people eat more in the winter. And this researcher says it's a primitive impulse telling us we need to stock up calories for the winter months.

This is apparently true even though we have evolved and are used to having heat and spend our days mostly inside.

A similar study was done at the University of Georgia in 1991. Researchers tracked how much people ate from one season to the next, and they ate about 200 more calories a day when fall arrived.

What the cardiologist found is that we seem to be very sensitive to light. So when it gets dark out earlier, our instincts to eat more kick in.

Opportunity plays a role in this, too. Most of us go outside less in the winter -- and munch on heavier things -- like stuffing leftovers at Thanksgiving or holiday cookies.

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