Trending Now - Shoes - A Hazard In Your Home?

There's no doubt that wearing shoes in your house tracks in some dirt and cosmetically that doesn't look as good but is it worth instituting a no-shoes policy all the time for health and hygiene reasons?

The Wall Street Journal talked to the experts and they say that your shoes track in all sorts of things: Mud, dirt, bacteria and viruses like E.Coli.

And depending on where you live this could get worse: Live near a farm and more dangerous pathogens come from the soil.

Carpets could track fungi that could bring on warts or athletes' foots.

But all that said, the experts say the risk of catching anything from what your shoes track in is very low.

These germs would have to come in contact with a lesion on your skin to affect your health and the chance of that is very low.

Experts say the better bet is to be strict about wiping feet on a door mat and wearing slippers around your house.

There is one exception, the experts say if you have a baby at home who's crawling you might want to consider having a shoe-free home. Your baby is more prone then to picking up little pieces of dirt and eating them.

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