Trending Now - New Hope In Combatting Migraines?


This could be promising news for migraine sufferers. Researchers say a new treatment could reduce the frequency and the severity of migraines.

The findings were presented at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting this week. The two new drugs -- ald403 and ly2951742 -- are genetically engineered anti-bodies which researchers hope will bring some relief.

In the past, this class of drugs has been used in cancer treatments and researchers say they are showing signs of helping to prevent migraines too.

And that is the key -- these drugs would be used as preventative treatment, researchers say, not just reactive, with the hopes of minimizing the effects of migraines by reducing the frequency, the number of attacks, and how bad each attack ends up being.

Researchers believe that these drugs block a protein that is known to bring on migraines. One drug is given as a shot, the other intravenously.

Now -- the drugs have yet to be studied in large clinical trials and have not yet received FDA approval. The researchers estimate it will be at least three years before patients will likely have access to the drugs.

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