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There's so much conflicting information out there over exercise, it's often hard to sort out the bad information from the good information, so as you do a little spring training, we're here to bust a few fitness myths.

Myth number one: Crunches lead to that sought after six pack.

Well not so much. Crunches aren't the best way to keep your abs slim, because they only tone a small portion of your abs. Better yet, is to do planks or an exercise that engages your entire core.

Myth number two: Running is hard on your knees.

Maybe not. A Stanford University study found that the knees of older runners were no less healthy than those of people who didn't run. Experts recommend a total body workout, in addition to regular running, so that you build up muscles to support your knees during your runs.

Myth number three: The more time in the gym, the better.

Experts say: no, you don't have to be a gym rat. It's not about the hours you clock at the gym, it's about the way you train.

If you work out hard every single day, it prevents your muscles from rebounding and prevents you from improving. so scheduling a day of rest between workouts is essential.

And lastly, it's not about the length of the workout but the intensity. Experts say shorter work outs are better if you keep the energy up.

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