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We've long known that bullying is a problem in our country but this new study really does show how long-term the effects are within kids and starts what researchers say is a "downward spiral."

Researchers at boston children's hospital followed more than four thousand children from their middle school years to their high school years and they talked to them at three points in that time about their experiences with bullying.

The results showed that if a child was bullied they'd have worse mental health problems, worse physical health, and greater depression symptoms along with lower self-worth.

Now those who experienced consistent and chronic bullying had less interest in simple physical activities -- things like walking, running and playing sports.

And this is key to their findings, they say the health consequences of bullying may compound over time and remain after the bullying ends.

Let's look at the numbers of what research shows among children with the lowest scale of what they call pyscosocial health.  
Of children bullied in both the past and present, 44.6 % of them were at the lowest scale of psychosocial health. Compare that with 30.7% of those bulled in the present only and 12.1% bullied in the past only.

And the researchers conclude that it is not only current but chronic bullying that really leads to the deterioration of kids' health over time.

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