Trending Now - Breadwinner Moms Are Less Happy?

Lots of women of course bring home the bacon for their families but this new study shows that many women are still reluctant to take on and be happy in these roles.

It's a growing trend.  In four out of ten families with children, the woman is the primary breadwinner.  But how do women feel about that role?

A new study by "Working Mother Media" shows some concerning results.  The researchers found that only 29 percent of mothers said they wanted the role of primary breadwinner.

71 percent of women said they fell into the role by circumstance.

And no surprise here, the women who actively chose to become the primary earner of the family, they were much more satisfied than those who didn't make the choice themselves.

And experts tell CNN living that the results of this survey and those high numbers really do reflect the pull that many women feel when dealing with traditional roles.

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