Tanning Beds/Sunlamps Get FDA Warning

The Food and Drug Administration is changing label requirements for sunlamps and UV lamps used in indoor tanning salons.

It's reclassifying them as "moderate-risk devices" instead of "low-risk."

Officials are also requiring that the products carry a black label, visible to consumers, that states the products should not be used on people under age 18.

Although a black box is the FDA's strongest warning, this does not outlaw or restrict these devices for minors.

According to the FDA, the lamps emit UV radiation that may cause skin cancer.

The American Academy of Dermatology says studies have shown people who have been exposed to UV rays from indoor tanning have a 59 percent increase in risk of developing melanoma.

That's the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

The Indoor Tanning Association says they believe the FDA is responding to pressure from interest groups, but the science isn't there.

Meanwhile, dermatologists are calling for even stronger regulations.

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