Survey: Increase In College 'Study Drugs'

More and more college students are relying on prescription drugs to get through their workload.

The most common 'study drugs' are ADHD medications like Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse.

Some researchers estimate about 30-percent of students use stimulants non-medically.

Full-time college students were twice as likely to have used Adderall non-medically as their counterparts who were not full-time students, according to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health Report released in 2009.

A separate survey taken a year earlier found 81-percent of students thought illicit use of ADHD medication was "not dangerous at all" or "slightly dangerous."

Some college students say it helps them stay focused and concentrate while studying.

But experts warn the medications are addictive and there is high potential for overdosing.

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