Social Media and Body Image

AMARILLO -- Social media can put many pressures on teens to look a certain way. 

Belinda Palacious of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch says body image for teens is becoming more of an issue for both boys and girls.

Now is the time more kids are seeing unrealistic images in the media.

Palacios says an abundance of apps allows the majority of images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be photoshopped. 

"You see a lot of it this time of the season because everybody's in bikinis, everybody's in swimsuits, the boys are shirtless and you know a lot it is unrealistic images. A lot of it photoshopped. And teens don't really bring that into their perception."

Palacios says if you recognize your teen is constantly comparing themself to pictures on social media.. 

Step in and help them understand everyone is built differently and to not be overly critical. 

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