Preventing Breast Cancer Scares

Roughly one in 100 women get the wrong biopsy diagnosis and unnecessary cancer treatment because of mistakes that happen in the lab, but a new test aims to prevent those errors. 

"There have been reports of women for example who have had a breast biopsy, been told that they have cancer, and then underwent a mastectomy or complete removal of the breast and it was found that they actually didn't have cancer. It was someone else's needle biopsy specimen," notes Dr. Deanna Attai.
Now a simple kit may help prevent similar mistakes.
The kit contains materials to make sure the biopsy is really the patient's by matching the biopsy dna to another part of the body. 
It contains swabs for the cheek tissue and a container for the breast tissue to make sure they both belong to the same patient.
The new test kit is covered by insurance.

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